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New unit at IWK will allow parents to stay by their baby's side


New unit at IWK will allow parents to stay by their baby’s side

When the IWK’s new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) opens its doors next week in Halifax, it will be the first time all four members of Thomas White’s family will sleep in the same room.

Mom’s care Baby Hat for Newborn Boys/Girls 100% Cotton Adjustable Knot Hats, 3 Pack Bear


Material: Cotton. Ultra-Soft, Comfortable and Breathable.

Various Color Options: Package contents 3-Pack Baby Hats.

Fashionable and functional, Easy matching for daily wearing.

Unique Design: Cute Printed Design. Two ways to wear knotted or flipped up. Adjusts as baby grows.

One Size: Suitable for baby 0-6 Months(Hat High 32.5cm/12.80″ , Hat Girth 34cm ,13.39″), but also depending on the growth of your baby’s head.

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WATCH: Whitney Port Sheds Tears as She Shares Struggle of Raising Son Sonny After Losing Her Father


WATCH: Whitney Port Sheds Tears as She Shares Struggle of Raising Son Sonny After Losing Her Father

Whitney Port is sharing the emotional struggle of parenting her son Sonny Sanford without having her own parent around. In a new chapter of her series, “I Love My Baby But…,” The Hills alum, 32, breaks down in tears as she details the immense grief she feels …

The diabolical genius of the baby advice industry

Every baffled new parent goes searching for answers in baby manuals. But what they really offer is the reassuring fantasy that life’s most difficult questions have one right answer. By Oliver Burkeman Human beings are born too soon. Within hours of arriving i…

Parenting in the Digital World: a review

Parents don’t just hand over the car keys to children who haven’t taken driver’s ed. Sadly, the same can’t be said about smartphones. This book by Clayton Cranford shows parents the importance of keeping their kids safe online—and just how to do it. Categorie…

This New Pilot Program Will Save Some Parents Thousands in Day Care Costs


This New Pilot Program Will Save Some Parents Thousands in Day Care Costs

The South Carolina Department of Insurance recently became the first Cabinet agency in the Palmetto State to start a bring-your-baby-to-work program.

These 7 rules for visiting a newborn have gone viral


These 7 rules for visiting a newborn have gone viral

Who can resist the sniff of a newborn baby’s head? Well, you should resist, unless the baby is your own. So says one of seven rules about visiting newborn babies which have gone viral on Facebook.

These photos show the joy and awe of new dads bonding with their babies around the world


These photos show the joy and awe of new dads bonding with their babies around the world

In June, Father’s Day will be celebrated in more than 80 countries around the world. It’s a good time to reflect upon the unique impact…

Dad left in coma while partner was 38 weeks pregnant woke up after visit from newborn son

Doctors feared for James Spence’s life when he was placed into an induced coma after a serious road accident

These Hilarious Parenting Hacks Prove Most Moms and Dads Are Just Trying to Make it Through the Day

The struggle is real for new parents. But it’s often hilarious, too.

Baby donut shoes! newborn shoes, Toddler shoes, moccs, soft soled shoes, crib shoes, baby shoes, vegan baby, organic moccs, baby mocc


Organic Donuts Shoes with Sprinkles!!

Our organic baby shoes are made with a 100% High Quality Organic Cotton on the outside and lined with a soft organic velour on the inside. Your little one's feet will be cushioned by a breathable organic sherpa insole and a non-slip faux suede sole. Elastic around the ankle ensures a soft but snug fit. Great for your eager little walker as these booties are pediatrician and podiatrist recommended for promoting good balance. For your non-walker, they are adorable crib slippers that keep your baby comfortable yet fashionable! Handmade with Love in a Pet and Smoke Free Home. Thanks for stopping by!

For accurate sizing please measure your little ones foot from heel to toe, adding 1/4 to a 1/2 inch for growth. For any additional info, questions, or a custom order please convo me 🙂

*Size 1:
0-3 months (4.0")

*Size 2:
3-6 months (4.25")

*Size 3:
6-9 months (4.5")

*Size 4:
9-12 months (4.75")

*Size 5:
12-18 months (5.0")

*Size 6
18-24 months (5.5")

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water only and allow to air dry.

Find us on Instagram for promotions and new items!!
Instagram: @willowandskye

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Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Pink


Using innovative, research-based ergonomic design and advanced technology, the Angelcare Bath Support helps keep babies safe, supported and squeaky clean. Holds babies safely in place so you can concentrate on enjoying bath time with your child.

Our sturdy Bath Support is made with soft-touch material, providing a comfortable place for babies to rest during bath time. The durable, mold-resistant seat keeps its shape. Appropriate for newborns up to six months with a maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Easy to Clean: Because good hygiene is important, you can easily rinse the Bath Support after each use to keep it clean and mildew free. The support drains and dries quickly. For easy storage, it offers a built-in hook to hang up when not in use.

Portable with no Assembly Required: For moving from one bathroom to another or for easy travel, our Bath Support features a carry handle. Plus, there’s no assembly required-it’s ready to use right out of the box

The mesh material allows water to drain easily from the bath support and dries quickly

Use directly in bath rub – easy to use on daily basis, you can place it directly into your bath tub

Ergonomically designed for your baby’s comfort and safety, with soft-touch material that is gentle on baby’s delicate skin

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Baby Clothes: Keeping Up With Wardrobe Needs


Baby Clothes: Keeping Up With Wardrobe Needs

Most babies start out with newborn clothing but within a matter of weeks will be graduating to their next size up. The third move usually happens before six months. During the first year of your child’s life, they may move through as many as four sizes of clothing. Keeping up with baby clothes is difficult at best, and it can weigh heavily on the budget. Yet, by making a few simple decisions and working to choose the best products out there, you can save money and even help others to do so as well.

Choosing Clothing

That frilly dress and that cute as can be dress shirt and tie designed for baby may look great but if these items will not be a needed accessory, skip them. Many of these pieces of clothing are overpriced. It is often the case that parents and grandparents will purchase baby clothing that looks great but has little function to it. You may have a difficult time changing the baby’s diaper or they may not have any place to wear such an outfit. Instead of buying overpriced pieces you won’t appreciate, choose more sensible pieces.

Purchase appropriate sizes, too. During the first weeks of school “newborn” size clothing will work well, but do not purchase so much that you have dressers full of it. Your child is likely to graduate into the 3 to 6 month clothing size within two to two and a half months of being born. During those first weeks, he or she will need little more than blankets and onesies to wear, several per day. A few cute outfits is plenty since you will be changing baby more often than any other time and will want simpler clothing. ON the other hand, do keep enough on hand so that you can change the baby without worrying about running a load of laundry.

Gifts of Clothing

One area that affects many parents is the number of people who want to give them a cute outfit or those who want to do something for baby. Ask them to help with clothing that is sensible and usable in baby’s life. This means choosing clothing that is durable and ones that can have easy laundering. Dry clean only baby clothing is not something you will want to invest in. While everyone loves to give cute outfits, let them know you are more likely to use clothing that is more sensible and every day useful. They will appreciate getting some guidance, too.

Cutting Corners

There are many ways to monitor baby-clothing costs. Here are some tips to help you to save money on the clothing you are buying for baby.

• Buy baby clothing when it is on sale. Hit up the summer sales in the fall season for next year. Since baby clothing is done by age choose clothing based on the child’s age and his or her likely weight (if your child is bigger now, they likely will be bigger later, too.)

• Trade in clothing and other baby products at consignment shops. Often, you can earn a bit of cash this way which you can turn around and spend in store, too. Clothing here is in good condition and clean, but marked down considerably.

• Trade clothing with other parents you know. At churches, schools, day care centers and even just community groups you will find parents swapping clothing. If the boy down the street is six months older than your child, ask for their extras once children are have outgrown them.

• Don’t be afraid to shop at discount priced stores. You will find that their baby clothing is just as cute but priced much better. Since baby will likely stain the clothing anyway, it makes sense to save month there.

The most important thing to consider when buying baby clothes is buying products that your baby can use. Your child’s wardrobe will soon be bursting at the seams which will be overwhelming. Yet, by working with other parents and looking for great sales, you can save a considerable amount of money. Don’t forget to pass on or donate any baby clothing that you no longer can use. Keeping a few pieces can be helpful when it comes to memories, but giving those extra pieces away can really help another family in need.