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Basic Baby Care – Newborn Checklist

Basic Baby Care – Newborn Checklist

expectant mother

Expecting your first newborn child is an exciting time, especially as your due date approaches. It is a time to get organized for the big event, but what do you really need? Doubtless every baby magazine will tell you that you MUST buy the latest this or that, but what is really essential?

Below is a list of things that as a parent of two I would recommend. You may think it is a lot of stuff to get together, but I wouldn’t have been without them,




The Essential Newborn Checklist

  1. Amazon ImageNew born diapers disposable or washable
  2. Amazon ImageDiaper sacks or bags (disposable).
  3. Amazon ImageNursing Bras
  4. Amazon ImageNursing Tops
  5. Amazon ImageMaternity Pads
  6. Amazon ImageBreast Pads (excess milk)
  7. Amazon ImageSoothing Nipple Cream (if breast feeding)
  8. Amazon ImageLarge Underwear (especially if had C-Section)
  9. Amazon ImageCotton Wool
  10. Amazon ImageBowl (top and tail)
  11. Amazon ImageBaby Bath
  12. Amazon ImageHooded Towels
  13. Amazon ImageDiaper Rash Cream
  14. Amazon ImageBottles, Teats, Formula (incase can’t or not breast feeding)
  15. Amazon ImageSterilizer
  16. Amazon ImageBreast Pump (for those who are breast feeding)
  17. Amazon ImageBaby Carrier/Sling
  18. Newborn Car Seat <– Click link (if you have a car)
  19. Stroller for New Born <– Click Link (lies flat)
  20. Amazon ImageEar Thermometer
  21. Amazon ImageBaby Monitor
  22. Amazon ImageMoses Basket/Bassinet
  23. Amazon ImageBaby Bedding/blankets
  24. Amazon ImageBaby Body Suit
  25. Amazon ImageHat
  26. Amazon ImageBibs
  27. Amazon ImageAnti Scratch Mittens
  28. Amazon ImageMuslin Squares
  29. Amazon ImageActivity Mat
  30. Amazon ImageBaby Swing


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