Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton Jersey Receiving Blanket

Adorable baby blanket, perfect for every occasion. This buttery soft cotton jersey blanket is warm enough and cool enough to be the best basic blanket. It stretches a little so baby is well wrapped and it's big enough for stroller naps. And with its mini pompons trimming, it will be a hit at the baby shower!

♥ ♥ ♥ These must have jersey blankets will please the Eco-conscious parents (like the ones that buy only organic products) because they are made of organic and naturally dyed cotton.

• Measures 36 x 36 inches
• Hand dyed with natural dyes only

• 100% organic cotton jersey – prewashed… so it won’t shrink

• Machine wash in cold water with mild soap
• Made by hand entirely by myself, yep, one by one

♥♥ GIFTS ♥♥
You can also request a congratulations card if you want me to ship directly your gift to the new parents. Just type your message in the comments box and I will hand write it on a cute little card.

This indispensable blanket is also offered in a printed version here:

And a printed with lace trim version here:

*** Pompon trim may differ slightly from picture due to product availability.


1. Will the colours stay if I wash it?
– Yes, natural dyes have been used for centuries and are safe to wash. They are not as resistant as synthetic dyes and may fade a little over the washes, but this is all part of their beauty.

2. How do I wash natural dyes?
– It is recommended to use a mild soap (baby soap) and cold water and to avoid prolong expositions under direct sun (don't leave it on the clothes line for 10 days!).

3. Are you using berries or things like that?
– Mostly no, I am using plant extracts that are well known for the durability, stability and light fastness. Some berries or fruits and vegetables are used but only if they have proven to be durable dyes.

4. Are you cultivating your plants?
– No, I have a big orange cat that kills every plant I try to keep. The only thing that can grow in my house is catnip. And it doesn’t grow very tall!

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