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How to Choose the Perfect Infant or Baby Car Seat

How to Choose the Perfect Infant or Baby Car Seat

Amazon ImageAlong with the excitement of having a child it’s a time when parents realize the tremendous  responsibility they have toward to a new person entering the world.

One of the most important items on this list to ensure a new baby’s safety is the one they will use on the way to home for the first time. Baby car seats or infant car seats are a necessity parents need to understand well in order to avoid injury not only from accidents, but from more routine events such as the sudden stop. The proper size, weight, and construction of the seat are all important factors parent’s need to learn.

Types of Baby Car Seats

For new infants the best choice is a rear facing car seat.  These infant car seats are suited for the baby who is 22 to 35 pounds or is 29 to 32 inches tall. A snug fit is best for first year or so as at this age the infant isn’t able control body movements well. A convertible seat for infants and babies will work as a car seat for infants then convert to a baby seat for a child weighing between 40 to 80 pounds or up to 50  inches tall. The baby seat for a toddler can face forward.  Other kinds of toddler or baby seats can be used both to carry a baby and also function as a car seat.

Another choice for busy parents is the infant stroller that converts into a car seat. These are usually lightweight, but should be of tough construction as they will do double duty. As a stroller these aren’t as geared for luxury, or created to function as a carry-all as often as some strollers are, but for those with limited space in a vehicle or who have other young children this type of baby seat demonstrates the best benefits.

Fitting Baby Car Seats

Fitting the car seat takes special care. Taking the type to run through instructions before hand is a good idea. Care must be taken if the car has multiple airbags as should these collide with the seat the child can be seriously injured. Rear facing seats should never be used on seat with a airbag unless the device is deactivated. All car seats should lock into place securely, but still give the parent an easy method of removing the child from the carrier, or the carrier from the car when necessary.

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