Baby tracker – feeding, sleep and diaper v1.0.22

Baby tracker – feeding, sleep and diaper v1.0.22

Feeding, sleep, and diaper tracker for your little one:) Baby tracker: – breastfeeding and baby feeding tracker – newborn feeding – baby sleep tracker – baby diaper tracker – baby care tracker – newborn baby care – c…

Will Luis Step Up To The Teen Mom 2 Plate For His Daughter Stella?

During this week’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode, Briana told Luis he needed to “step up” when it comes to daughter Stella — but will he?

These 7 rules for visiting a newborn have gone viral

Who can resist the sniff of a newborn baby’s head? Well, you should resist, unless the baby is your own. So says one of seven rules about visiting newborn babies which have gone viral on Facebook.

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