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Baby Joggers and Strollers: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Baby Joggers and Strollers: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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One of the biggest decisions you need to make when you find out you’re pregnant is which baby stroller to buy

There are many different options available and it can leave you with all sorts of questions. Below are some of the more common questions people ask. You can find out more about the handlebars, the wheels and the best options for newborns and toddlers. A number of factors will affect the best strollers for you, including your budget, where you need it for and your needs.

Q. What types of baby joggers and strollers can I buy?

It is possible to buy anything from single to multi-baby strollers, whether buying traditional or jogging strollers. The InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller is one example of a multi-seat stroller, where one seat sits behind the other. You can opt for stadium strollers or double-decker strollers where the back seats sit higher up than the front so both children can see what’s going on. There are other options where the children can face each other.

Q. What do height adjustable handlebars mean?

When the handlebars are height adjustable, it just means that the parent/guardian can change the height for comfort. It avoids bending when pushing it so there are less problems with your back.

Q. Which stroller is best for newborn babies?

Newborn babies need specific types of strollers for safety and security reasons. Babies need to lie on their backs and flat so the seats must move into a full recline position. There are some strollers that convert into an infant carrier and car seat which could be a great option. At least then you know it is definitely suitable for your newborn baby.

Q. Is there a specific type of buckle and strap that I need?

Before purchasing a stroller, you need to check the security of the straps and buckles. You should not be able to move them easily so your baby can get them open but they should still be easy enough for you to unfasten.

Q. Can I buy a second-hand stroller instead of a new one?

Most of the time second-hand strollers are safe. However, you should make sure the fasteners, straps and belts are all safe. You want to check for any tears or fraying and make sure the straps buckle in tightly and securely. Check the fasteners for any cracks and make sure they are easy enough for you to use. Always check to make sure babies cannot open the buckles. You will also need to check the seat and back to ensure it is stable and durable for the weight of your baby. Always make sure that all seat positions will hold the weight and that all edges are smooth so your baby won’t catch his fingers.

Q. Is there a parent organizer with this stroller?

There are all types of baby jogger accessories, including detachable trays with cup holders and spaces for cell phones, keys and wallets.

Q, Is my stroller a convertible one?

Some strollers worth considering have detachable seats to allow for the infant car seat to be placed there. This limits the need for moving the baby from the car seat to the buggy. These systems have a base that stays inside the car.

 Q. Can I use the stroller on any type of ground?

The majority of strollers are designed for mall or street walking but some do come with different types of wheels that are suitable for various terrains. If you enjoy hiking, you will need to look for specific buggies and wheels. You will be able to find many affordable options, such as the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Strollerfor general trips to the shops.

Q. Does the stroller have any brakes?

Most have a rear brake that attaches to both rear wheels. This is easy to put on and take off with just one foot so there is less chance of accidentally missing and the stroller tipping or rolling. There are some that have wrist brakes, which the parent uses so the stroller doesn’t roll away. These are useful for when the stroller is stationary for a long time.

Q. Where are recalls for strollers listed?

All recall information will be at the store where the stroller is purchased from. The information will also be available online or through the manufacturer. Other places for this information include the consumer magazines, which are dedicated to making sure customers find the best stroller for their needs, and the Consumer Protection Safety Commission.

Q. Does my stroller have extra or replacement parts available?

This is something that you may need to ask about while purchasing your stroller. Extra or replacement parts can be helpful, such as when you need to replace the seat liner or need an extra base for your car. The manufacturer will usually have the information that you need. You can also check your manual as sometimes the information is listed in there, including where the replacement parts are available from.

 Q. How can I keep my stroller’s condition good?

Avoid leaving your stroller outside when the weather is bad to look after it. You should also check the fasteners, belts and wheels regularly to make sure they are not broken, worn or in bad shape. Clean the seat cover regularly and check the brake to ensure it holds the stroller stably.


In Conclusion

Stroller purchases are extremely important and need to be suitable for your baby and your needs. The main factor is safety and you need to know the maximum weight so that your baby is always sturdy while in the buggy. If you have any questions or concerns about your particular stroller or jogger, it is worth talking directly with the manufacturer.

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