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Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

How to Choose the Perfect Infant or Baby Car Seat

Amazon ImageAlong with the excitement of having a child it’s a time when parents realize the tremendous  responsibility they have toward to a new person entering the world.

One of the most important items on this list to ensure a new baby’s safety is the one they will use on the way to home for the first time. Baby car seats or infant car seats are a necessity parents need to understand well in order to avoid injury not only from accidents, but from more routine events such as the sudden stop. The proper size, weight, and construction of the seat are all important factors parent’s need to learn.

Types of Baby Car Seats

For new infants the best choice is a rear facing car seat.  These infant car seats are suited for the baby who is 22 to 35 pounds or is 29 to 32 inches tall. A snug fit is best for first year or so as at this age the infant isn’t able control body movements well. A convertible seat for infants and babies will work as a car seat for infants then convert to a baby seat for a child weighing between 40 to 80 pounds or up to 50  inches tall. The baby seat for a toddler can face forward.  Other kinds of toddler or baby seats can be used both to carry a baby and also function as a car seat.

Another choice for busy parents is the infant stroller that converts into a car seat. These are usually lightweight, but should be of tough construction as they will do double duty. As a stroller these aren’t as geared for luxury, or created to function as a carry-all as often as some strollers are, but for those with limited space in a vehicle or who have other young children this type of baby seat demonstrates the best benefits.

Fitting Baby Car Seats

Fitting the car seat takes special care. Taking the type to run through instructions before hand is a good idea. Care must be taken if the car has multiple airbags as should these collide with the seat the child can be seriously injured. Rear facing seats should never be used on seat with a airbag unless the device is deactivated. All car seats should lock into place securely, but still give the parent an easy method of removing the child from the carrier, or the carrier from the car when necessary.

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Amazon Image Amazon ImageAmazon ImageAmazon Image

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Buying A Baby Monitor? Read This First….

baby monitor crying-baby

Parents need to have a baby monitor in the house

 You can check on your little one at any time and hear him instantly if she wants you; no matter where you are in your home. The problem is that there are so many, how do you know the best baby monitor around? You won’t have the experience with them making it harder to find a great digital baby monitor for your needs.


Types of Baby Monitor

In short, there are three monitors to look out for: audio ones, videos ones and those that monitor breathing or movement.

Most people will choose an audio monitor, which transmits the sounds from the nursery to your receiver so you can hear when your baby wants you. It alerts you if there are signs of stirring or crying and is the cheapest option. Most have a base that is plugged into the nursery and the receiver has a fixed charger base. That allows you to take the receiver anywhere around the home with you. Some even have the ability to take outside if you’re hanging out the washing.

There are different factors that affect the range of the monitors. These include your home’s construction and any extra insulation in the home and if there is anything that could interfere with the waves – such as monitors in your neighbour’s homes, wireless networks and possibly your microwave.

The range is not as much of a problem as it was years ago. Some of the monitors have different channels to help clear any interference. The amount of channels depend on the monitor – some have up to four and you need to change them manually while others have hundreds that will change automatically when interference occurs.

There are now many digital options, making the sound much clearer and improving the range available.

Additional Features

There are other features to audio baby monitors that build from the basic ones. For example, a Motorola baby monitor can have a system to talkback through to the baby to soothe him to sleep from another room. A Smart baby monitor has lullabies and night lights to create a relaxing and calming environment or a temperature alert system to make sure the nursery is in the best range for your little one.

Audio monitors are usually perfect for the needs but there is that extra security by using a video monitor. You will be able to see your baby sleeping, as if there was a camera installed within the room. When choosing a video monitor, you will need to check that there is night vision so you can see the room in the dark!

Being a new parent is always scary, especially when it comes to putting your baby down for the night. Monitors that check the breathing or movement are great options. Many of these use pressure points underneath the mattress in the cot and will check for breathing or signs of distress so you are alerted right away to do something about it.

Whether you are choosing a Summer baby monitor, an or any other type of digital baby monitor, you need to think about the price. You can find some for a few dollars but others cost hundreds. While you want one of the best monitors around, you need to make sure that you can afford it and it is reliable. If it isn’t reliable then it turns out to be a waste of your money.

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Dealing with the Cost of Having a Baby

cost of having a baby

 Whilst new babies are exciting for families but dealing with the cost of having a baby is a concern for expecting parents.

There’s the thought that the home isn’t big enough or the car is too small. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or fourth child, you will have the worries and need the new baby items. There’s so much available for babies now but it ends up costing a fortune. With some planning you can avoid it costing too much! You need to do a little research so you can find out about the retail price and then get everything at just a fraction of that cost. One of my favourite tools is using the e-coupon for saving money. There are many retailers working with these to help you find the best deals, whether you need baby clothes or a new car seat!

Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image

Plan Ahead

All new parents want to know the gear that they really need. Some of the items around sound great to have but there are others that you must have to keep your new baby safe and secure. Take some time to distinguish between these and start stocking up in the earlier stages of your pregnancy. Too many parents rush around at the last minute and end up spending more than they really need to. If you’re struggling for the items your baby will need, there are checklists on most of the baby sites around the internet. Use this to help compare the makes, models and the prices.

Baby Gear Budgeting

Finding baby gear on a budget is possible. You just need to work out how to make the most of the money at hand. You can find all sorts in yard sales and there are some great discounts on items that are still in a relatively new condition. The internet is also full of excellent deals on baby clothes and items for the nursery. Many baby sites already have a great deal and then you can use an e-coupon site to make more of a saving! You don’t have to pay for the majority of these websites. If you’re struggling, check out the auction sites, such as eBay, where there are deals on bibs and bottles.

Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image

There’s no need to worry about buying things for you new baby on a limited budget. There are options around. The first thing to do is make a list of the things you need and don’t deviate from it. Then you can check out all the deals and discounts both online and offline. You’ll soon fill your nursery with more than you ever thought possible! Congratulations and enjoy this time!

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Diaper Bags – The Essential Buyers Guide

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe, Black

Amazon Image



Diaper Bags and Their Uses

A diaper bag stores diapers, toys, medicines, pacifiers, snacks and anything else you might need to keep baby comfortable and happy. As a matter of fact, diaper bags are as important as a diaper — an equally indispensable part of a baby’s growing up years.

Over the years, diaper bags have evolved immensely and are now custom-made in a variety of styles and colors to compliment mom and baby on their day out. Created primarily for convenience, some modern bags are a superb blend of logic and design, proving to be extremely functional as well as fashionable.

Traditionally, diaper bags were bulky carry-alls, made out of plastic (meant to be leak-proof) with one huge pocket and several smaller ones. They looked outdated and highly unattractive. Now, you may come across bags made out of micro fiber with plenty of pockets. There are others made of a combination of tweed and leather.

Click on the thumbnail pictures below to enlarge them

Amazon Image Planet Wise Wet Diaper Bag

Amazon Image Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

Amazon Image Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

Amazon Image JJ Cole Diaper Bag

What to Look for When Buying

When buying a diaper bag, remember that the most essential convenience the bag should have is space for a variety of products beyond diapers.

Also keep in mind that prices for diaper bags start low and can go high(particularly if you choose a designer bag).  Another thing to keep in mind would be the budget. Parents should opt for bags that suit their lifestyle and those of their children the best.

Diaper bags, as we can see, diaper bags are extremely important for a baby. They contribute to the baby’s mobility and also provide ready relief for parents who dread excess baggage while traveling with their babies.

Click the Link below to see a wide range of suitable and very affordable Diaper bags

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